Details coming soon for 2020 conference. For 2019 details, see below:

Roundtables 2019

The Healthcare Conference Roundtables are hosted by a variety of industry professionals interested in sharing their thoughts and having a discussion on a topic of their choice. Groups of 6-10 conference attendees will join the host during lunch in one of our Spangler Project Rooms. Pre-registration required.


Gil Addo

CEO & Co-Founder, RubiconMD

Topic: Digital Health: Investing at the Intersection of Payer and Provider

Sheldon Borkin photo.jpeg

Sheldon Borkin

Consulting CTO, Avigo Solutions

Topic: Privacy, Security, and Data Ethics in Healthcare

Jean Drouin

Founder & CEO, Clarify Health

Topic: What if Amazon, J.P. Morgan, and Fedex Delivered Healthcare?

Eric Evans.jpg

Eric Evans

Healthcare Provider Executive

Topic: Barriers to the Adoption of Innovations in Healthcare Delivery


Chip Fisher

President, Fisher Wallace Laboratories

Topic: Challenges and Opportunities in Residual Assets and Niche Products with Large Market Potential

Ranndy Kellogg.jpeg

Ranndy Kellogg

President & CEO, Omron Healthcare

Topic: The Evolution of Tech Innovation in Healthcare

Katharine Miao.png

Katharine Miao

Medical Director, CityMD

Topic: Transforming Healthcare Delivery and Access to Healthcare


Brittany Ryan

Senior Director of Neurology Solutions, Aetion

Topic: Collaborating across Healthcare Stakeholders to Drive Change

David Setboun.jpeg

David Setboun

President of Academy for Health & Lifespan Research

Topic: Longevity Research & Business - Healthcare vs. Sick Care


Dan Sheehan

Executive Vice President & CIO, Beacon Health Options

Topic: Payor, Provider, and the Patient Experience


Sham Sokka

Senior VP of Philips Medical Systems, Philips

Topic: New Business Models in Healthcare Aligned to Value-based Care

Ming Tong.jpg

Dr. Ming Tong, MD, MBE

Former Medical Director, Pfizer & Abbott/AbbVie Oncology

Topic: Gene Therapy in Pediatric Patients and New Oncology Drug Clinical Development

Jennings Xu.jpeg

Jennings Xu

Senior Enterprise Manager, Quid Inc.

Topic: Using Big Data and AI to Help Drive Forward the Idea of Patient Value as Defined by Patients Themselves