Innovation Fair 2018

The Innovation Fair features startups that are pushing the boundaries of science and technology to solve some of healthcare's most critical challenges. Ranging from early-stage digital health ventures to growth-stage biotech organizations, this will be an opportunity to meet entrepreneurial leaders who are developing innovative solutions to radically improve the healthcare system.


Embera Neurotherapeutics

Embera NeuroTherapeutics, Inc. (Embera) is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company based in greater Boston, MA, focused on smoking cessation, cocaine use disorder (CUD) and other significant stress mediated diseases, with a very limited range of effective drug therapies or no approved pharmaceutical treatments. Embera is developing a novel, patented drug combination (EMB-001) targeting the stress response system and specific brain functions that drive craving and relapse related to these addictions. A pilot clinical study in cocaine-dependent human subjects has been completed, showing the potential for EMB-001 to be effective in this disorder. In addition, positive effects have been published in animal models of nicotine, cocaine, and methamphetamine addiction. Embera’s lead development programs are CUD and smoking cessation. Embera also completed an animal study in nicotine addiction in which EMB-001 was shown to be significantly more effective than Chantix®, Pfizer’s $984M smoking cessation product. A Phase 1b safety study is complete, meeting the primary endpoints of the study enabling Phase 2 EMB-001 development. In 2016, Embera was awarded a $11.1M NIH grant to fund the EMB-001 CUD product through Phase 2.


3Derm systems

3Derm is a clinically-validated teledermatology system that captures diagnostic quality images of skin concerns at primary care and forwards them to in-network dermatologists for review. We enable health systems to screen out nearly 60% of their dermatology referrals, while expediting appointments for patients requiring in-person follow-up visits. We've partnered with some of the largest insurers in New England to ensure that we can expand access to dermatology, deliver better outcomes for patients, and reduce unnecessary spending on dermatology referrals.

Inspired-Start_logo - Clarence Friedman.png


Inspired Start is a product that works to prevent allergy development in the next generation of infants. It is a simple set of organic, delicious fruit purees that include a pinch of allergens. This helps parents introduce food allergens early on, which as defined by the latest guidelines is critical in preventing food allergies from developing.

gain life logo.png

Gain life

Gain Life improves lives. We accomplish this using adaptive behavior change software that engages individuals to achieve better outcomes (e.g., return to work, weight loss, etc.) and that drives improvement initiatives using previously unknown behavioral and psychosocial consumer insights. We have some of the most respected insurance companies in the world as customers, and we continue to expand the use cases for our software. Contact us at info@gainlife.com to learn more.

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bright health

Bright Health delivers a smarter, more connected healthcare experience. From the company’s exclusive partnerships with leading health systems, to affordable health insurance plans and its simple, friendly approach to technology, Bright Health is reshaping how people and providers achieve better health together. Bright Health co-founders include Bob Sheehy, former CEO of UnitedHealthcare; Kyle Rolfing, co-founder and former CEO of Definity Health and RedBrick Health; and Tom Valdivia, MD, MS, former chief health consumer officer of Definity Health. The company was named to Forbes’ 2017 Next Billion-Dollar Startups list. Learn more at www.brighthealthplan.com.

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versatope therapeutics

Versatope Therapeutics is developing a disruptive biotechnology platform using bacterial vesicles licensed from Cornell University. Our leading influenza vaccine candidate can potentially protect against any strain of flu virus with a single shot. We are using nano-size particles are derived from outer membrane vesicles (OMVs) of a proprietary detoxified E. coli strain. These vesicles deliver therapeutics (antibodies, RNA and proteins) and vaccines and can be engineered to modulate immune responses. Versatope is using this platform to develop a universal influenza vaccine through government grant funding. Many immunotherapeutic vaccines suffer from poor immunogenicity. Immuno-oncology and infectious diseases represent both a strong clinical need and a large commercial opportunity. For example, there are an average of 25 million flu cases, 30,000 casualties and at a cost of $26B each year in the USA. OMVs overcome poor immunogenicity, improve antigen display and have reduced inflammatory reactogenicity. This technology has been tested in multiple animal models for preventing infectious diseases and cancer. For influenza, it has the potential to eliminate the need for yearly immunizations and offers greater protection against a wider range of viruses than the current seasonal influenza vaccine.

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At Sofregen, we provide medical aesthetic practitioners with natural biomaterials to enhance their surgical artistry and achieve more durable results for their patients. We are laser-focused on “silk science for advanced aesthetics” — unlocking the enormous potential of purified silk protein to facilitate soft tissue regeneration for a range of aesthetic procedures and surgery.


vaxess technologies

Vaxess is bringing healthcare out of the clinic and into the home with its novel delivery and diagnostic platforms. The MIMIX microneedle enables self-administration of sustained-release vaccines and biologics in a shelf-stable patch. The MATRIX stabilization system allows for home collection of blood samples for diagnostics aimed at everything from infectious diseases to cancer. The company has raised more than $16M and has ongoing collaborations with both pharmaceutical partners as well as The Gates Foundation, NIH, and NSF.

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“One of four technologies innovating mental health” – FORBES.

Fisher Wallace Laboratories is the leading FDA-Cleared  and ISO-CE approved manufacturer of wearable brain stimulation devices for the treatment of mood, stress, sleep and chronic pain. The company’s prescription device, the Fisher Wallace  Stimulator®, is FDA-Cleared to treat depression, anxiety and  insomnia, as well as chronic and acute pain. The Stimulator has been prescribed by 7,000 providers to 30,000 patients since 2009 and is covered by Medicaid in Maine (MaineCare). In early 2018, Fisher Wallace Laboratories will introduce Kortex®, the world’s first brain stimulation device for VR headsets. Kortex® will deliver the same output as the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® but will be regulated as a general wellness device to manage stress and sleep and therefore may be obtained without a prescription (OTC).

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PatientPing is a venture-backed health technology company based in Boston, MA that is transforming healthcare delivery. We are building a national network that connects providers with real-time notifications when their patients receive care anywhere, so that providers can better coordinate patient care. Our customers  include hundreds of health systems, physician organizations, and post-acute care providers across the country. Our vision is bold – to build a national care coordination network that allows providers to put patients at the center of their care.

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ZappRx is a digital health company that is modernizing and simplifying the way specialty medications are accessed. We provide a secure, collaborative online platform that allows patients, physicians, and pharmacists to work together to improve patients’ access to treatment and deliver medicine faster.



Carrum Health was founded in 2014 with a mission to "bring common sense to healthcare" through a model that is mutually beneficial for providers, employers and their employees. Carrum achieves this by connecting thoughtful and progressive self-insured employers with regional Center of Excellence providers under bundled payment arrangements. Doing so aligns provider incentives with quality performance, resulting in dramatic improvement in both the patient experience and care outcomes. In addition, both employers and their employees achieve significant cost savings while top doctors and hospitals recognize increased volume and new revenue streams.

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Medumo is an intelligent patient navigation platform that creates value for hospitals by improving operational efficiency and patient outcomes through validated clinical protocols. Its digital patient programs called CareTours provide a human touch to the delivery of every instruction a patient needs for the most thoughtful clinical or procedure preparation. Medumo now serves over 20,000 patients and works with 17 hospitals and clinics in over 10 different specialties.

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Co-founded by Dr’s Erika Ebbel Angle and Wayne Matson, Ixcela: The Internal Fitness Company helps you measure and improve internal health. The company’s primary mission is the promotion and facilitation of gut health through easy measurement of an individual’s biochemical state of several key metabolites, consultation regarding dietary habits and proprietary tailored supplements.

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We Make Bundled Payment Simple. Archway Health’s mission is to fix healthcare through payment reform. We do this by helping providers and payors build and manage bundled payment programs. Archway’s Bundled Payment solution is a comprehensive platform that includes Archway Carelink, a simple patient tracking tool, and Archway Analytics, a web-based claims data analytics platform. Archway is currently working with over 50 providers across the country who are participating in Medicare's BPCI, CJR and OCM programs, as well as with self-insured employers and commercial payors who are pursuing bundled payment programs.Currently we are serving dozens of providers of all types – specialty physician groups, hospitals systems, skilled nursing facilities, and home health agencies – who are experiencing real success with improving care and reducing healthcare costs.

zencare logo - Yuri Tomikawa.png


Zencare is the simplest way to find your ideal talk therapist. Browse therapist videos, check availability and insurances, and book a free call to find a great fit! All clinicians are vetted by our medical team to ensure you receive high quality care. Available in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York.

RubiconMD_Logo_CMYK_Core - Carlos RG.jpg


RubiconMD is a platform that allows primary care providers to                                                          access same-day eConsults from top medical specialists to                                                                    improve patient care.

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RecoverHub is a web platform aiming to help people suffering from addiction take control of their recovery. Through an individualized care plan, patients are connected with the most appropriate care plan and facility. RecoverHub is a unified system connecting the patients, rehab facilities and field researchers to improve the path for recovery and to ensure facilities maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

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Patch delivers top physical therapists to our users' doors - whether that is at their homes, offices, or gyms. Unlike traditional outpatient physical therapy or home health, Patch offers access to convenient on-site care, highly-personalized care plans, and transparent pricing via 60 min visits with high-quality, vetted physical therapists. For physical therapists, Patch is the most efficient way to build a freelance business by easily earning extra income on a flexible schedule.