Innovation Fair


The Innovation Fair features startups that are pushing the boundaries of science and technology to solve some of healthcare's most critical challenges. Ranging from early-stage digital health ventures to growth-stage biotech organizations, this will be an opportunity to meet entrepreneurial leaders who are developing innovative solutions to radically improve the healthcare system.

2017 attendees are below. Check back later for 2018 attendees.

Bloomer Tech.png

Bloomer Tech

Bloomer Tech is transforming clothes for personalized healthcare. With our patent-pending technology that integrates seamlessly into the women's brassiere, we aim to improve outcomes and treatment for the 46 million women in the US with some form of cardiovascular disease, prevent this number from increasing and reach the global market. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women worldwide, scaling our technology, we will make it accessible, comfortable and a great tool for women's heart health and the future of clothes for a healthy and happier lifestyle.

Blue Skies.png

Blue skies

Our mission is to reduce asthma and deaths from air pollution worldwide. In developed countries, we plan to carry out the first-ever trials of the benefits of reducing ambient pollution exposure in children. In developing countries, we aim to save lives.



Herald is on a mission to make health care safer by offering clinicians real-time access to clinical data exactly when and how they want it. Our product is a software platform that monitors existing EMR information and keeps providers informed about their patients. It empowers clinicians to customize alerts based on real-time data from the EMR, thereby transforming the current “pull” model into a “push” model. This saves providers time and allows them to selectively filter for the data most important to improving patient outcomes.



MedRhythms mission is to provide access to the highest quality of care to everyone across the globe.MedRhythms is a digital medicine startup that combines sensors, machine learning, neuroscience, and music to help people recover from neurologic injury or disease. Our first product, the MedRhythms Stride, uses this process to recover walking and reduce falls.

Memora Health.png

memora health

Memora Health serves as ‘Siri for healthcare’ for patients and an early warning platform for physicians to improve remote care management. We’re applying machine learning to provide automated, intelligent post-discharge care support for patients, including chronic illness coaching, medication and appointment reminders, responsive drug and treatment information, and personalized follow-up questions. Patient-reported outcomes, such as blood sugar, surgical site healing, and medication side effects are parsed via SMS and automatically triaged for their physicians.


omada Health

Chronic disease now kills more people than infectious disease. That’s a big shift. And a big deal. In fact, three out of four Americans will die prematurely from a condition that is mostly related to lifestyle, to habit, or to circumstance. These are conditions that a pill or procedure can’t easily fix. We’re on a mission to design highly engaging, effective, and scalable ways to inspire lasting behavior change in anyone at risk for chronic disease.



Wondering why you can’t easily access and transmit your health records whenever you want? So were we, which is why we created Swellbox. We’re building the first health record exchange platform for universities and their students, currently piloting at Harvard as one of our initial schools. Over 1000+ students have already taken ownership of their health records in under two minutes. Seeking ambassadors/interns- if interested, stop by our table @ the Innovation Fair.



UrSure is an HIV prevention company. We help vulnerable patients access, afford, and adhere to their HIV preventive medications. Currently PrEP is the most effective HIV preventive medication, so our first product is a urine test that measures a patient's adherence to the drug. Physicians can then use this information to identify patients with poor adherence and target counseling and resources like case management to them. By identifying and targeting adherence efforts to those patients at highest risk of not taking their PrEP, we improve adherence and ultimately prevent HIV infections.


vaxess technologies

Vaxess Technologies is an innovative life sciences company based in the brand new Harvard Life Lab in Boston Massachusetts. Formed in 2012 by founders from Harvard and Tufts Universities, our company is developing proprietary technologies based on a silk biopolymer platform for encapsulating and stabilizing biological compounds.