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Innovation Fair 2019

The Innovation Fair features startups that are pushing the boundaries of science and technology to solve some of healthcare's most critical challenges. Ranging from early-stage digital health ventures to growth-stage biotech organizations, this will be an opportunity to meet entrepreneurial leaders who are developing innovative solutions to radically improve the healthcare system. Join us to share thoughts, build connections, and see the technology that is driving the future of healthcare.



Too often, surgeries need to happen where there are no hospitals. Of patients receiving care in a non-sterile surgical setting, half to two thirds will develop surgical site infections. These infections and their associated complications can triple the risk of death and double hospital length-of-stay. In addition to the costs of longer hospital stays and individual loss of productivity, 85,000 medical providers each year will get an infection from surgery performed in the non-sterile setting. SurgiBox’s portable operating room (OR) can help solve the problem of limited facility access. Our system, so compact that it fits in a backpack, acts as a barrier between the patient and the environment, as well as a barrier between the patient and the surgeon. It features a proprietary airflow system and sterile material. We are the 2016 Harvard President’s challenge winners, the MassChallenge 2018 Platinum winners, and the Beazley People’s Choice Design of the Year of the London Design Museum 2018. Our product was developed by a team of Harvard educated doctors, engineers, military officers, and businessmen, and MIT and Harvard engineers and professors.


UE LifeSciences

“A New Way To Detect Breast Cancer” - The New York Times, Aug 2018 UE LifeSciences is a leading developer & ISO-certified manufacturer of innovative breast cancer early detection solutions. Its hallmark innovation, the iBreastExam is an FDA-cleared and CE-certified hand-held, connected device usable by primary care providers and health workers to detect non-palpable breast lesions instantly, at the point-of-care, without any pain or radiation. Since 2016, over 200,000 women have received the test in 12 countries, aiding diagnosis of 120 breast cancer cases.

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Pillo Health is an in-home digital care management company. Our care management platform is centered on a voice-first intelligent healthcare assistant called Pillo. Pillo can proactively help with daily wellness tasks and therapy reminders, answer health & wellness questions, and store & dispense oral medications to improve medication adherence at home. To improve care coordination, Pillo connects users at home to their care teams via a mobile application that can display medication schedules, deliver non-adherence notifications, and power hands free video calls.



SyncThink is a VR-based eye tracking platform that can assess brain health and improve performance. It is currently used by leading sports teams and clinics to aid in the diagnosis of concussion as well as for monitoring fatigue and improving performance. The Golden State Warriors, Pac-12, as well as leading clinics such as Mass General and Stanford are customers. SyncThink’s give medical professionals objective metrics for visual attention and dynamic orientation in a 60-second assessment that uses eye tracking to evaluate for ocular motor impairments and vestibular balance dysfunction – the two most common and serious components of concussion. The initial focus has been on concussion and sports performance with current expansion to ADHD, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s indications, and measuring marijuana impairment.



The DynamiCare platform helps people address substance use by offering convenient random breath and saliva tests through their phone (verified by selfie video), treatment attendance tracking (verified by GPS), alerts to healthcare providers, and a system for leveraging financial support from families and payers (using a smart debit card that blocks access to bars, liquor stores, and cash).

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Leveraging the strengths of the blockchain, Scintillating solves persistent, global issues, including scientific study reliability and funding. Our flagship product, Delphus, aims to solve large issues with data tamperability and regulation of studies. With Delphus, studies and data points are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, providing guaranteed auditability and transparency.

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Seventh Sense Biosystems

Seventh Sense makes TAP, the first painless, FDA-cleared blood collection device. It enables more efficient and less costly blood collection. Just stick the device on your upper arm, press a button, and blood is collected in 2 minutes. The company is backed by Flagship Pioneering, Polaris Partners, LabCorp, and Novartis.



Once utilized by the surgeons of Rome to stitch up wounded gladiators, silk protein — also known as fibroin — is resurfacing as the next generation platform for tissue engineering due its structural versatility, high mechanical strength and intrinsic biocompatibility. Sofregen is leveraging these unique properties to develop novel injectable silk products, engineered to match the biomechanics of soft tissues and provide immediate bulking towards long-term tissue replacement for lasting results. As a pioneer in silk engineering, Sofregen is behind the first and only FDA cleared product, Silk Voice®, made from liquified and regenerated silk protein. Silk Voice is cleared for use as an injectable implant to augment vocal fold tissue for phonation improvement. Sofregen aims to develop products to empower physicians to not just treat but to restore soft tissue defects, giving patients a fresh start, restoring confidence, and improving quality of life.

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Torpedo DX

TorpedoDx is reducing global cancer mortality through the early detection of cancer, guiding precision therapy selection, and monitoring patients to manage cancer as a chronic disease. We provide information-rich answers to complex cancer questions from a simple blood draw. TorpedoDx is commercializing liquid biopsy technology developed during a multi-year collaboration between MGH and J&J, and we are focused on two areas: 1) screening and surveillance of liver cancer patients and 2) offering pharma services to aid in the selection and monitoring of cancer therapies. At the Innovation Fair, we will display our technology for enrichment of circulating tumor cells, and discuss applications for cancer therapy clinical trials, routine diagnosis, and personalized care.


POC Medical Systems, Inc., a private medical device company, is developing an innovative, low-cost, portable, rapid, point-of-care platform technology for the screening of disease biomarkers in blood and plasma. The Company’s initial products, the Pandora CDx and the MammoAlert use proprietary, multiplexed, microfluidics-based, immunoassay technology to screen for breast cancer. POC's products are intended to increase access to screening in the global developing markets. 


VRHealth creates Medical & Therapeutic Applications using XR technology. The VRHealth Platform collects and analyzes user interactions with virtual objects and environments. By using AI cloud computing algorithms, we deliver an enhanced experience and real-time data analytics, for use in clinics and at home, where users can analyze and quantify performance through a digital experience.