Details coming soon for 2020 conference. For 2019 details, see below:

BAHM Case Competition


HBS is excited to host this year's Business School Alliance for Health Management (BAHM) Competition!

This year's BAHM competition is looking for new business models to encourage healthy choices, through diet, exercise, and lifestyle interventions and other social determinants of health. How can natural foods be made available and cost-effective in low-income communities? Can walking or riding a bike be incentivized? How can individuals be nudged to make the healthy choice instead of the cheap or easy one? And how can this be accomplished without creating a culture of shame around body size?

Competition Topic: Healthy Living Challenge – Influencing Health Behaviors in Low-Income Communities

Premise: Teams should identify a community, neighborhood, sub-population, ethnic/minority group and propose a business-based solutions that addresses a specific lifestyle challenge. Solutions can be based on digital health innovations, medical care delivery, insurance modeling, school/community programs, mental health intervention, employer engagement, a social services proposal, etc. Teams may design their own solution or leverage an existing innovation or a community resource (as long as it’s within a business framework), identify why it could work and/or assess why it hasn’t scaled thus far, and propose a way to improve it. Teams will submit a short paper and deliver a presentation judged by industry leaders.

Date: February 9th during the Health Care Club Conference

Prize: Teams will be competing against other BAHM member teams. First prize: $10,000; Second prize: $5,000; Third prize: $2,500

Interested? Registration and details here.